HDD Tooling


DrillHead, Inc. manufactures HDD tooling for every horizontal directoinal drill and condition.

Whether you’re drilling sandstone or hardpan in the Midwest, or reaming solid granite in the

rockies, we have you covered.

• The largest selection of tri-cone bits in the HDD industry.
• Tooling for all HDD drills, large and small.
• American made, Directional Diamond™ PDC bits and hole openers.
Split bit / roller cone hole openers built right, with the best components. 20+
  years building hole openers stands behind every HDD hole opener we build.
Single roller cone bits that last longer and steer better than any other bit on the market.

  1. The Bolt-on Rok-Klaw™. A revolutionary design in HDD tooling.

  2. Rebuild service for any HDD tool, from any manufacturer.

  3. PDC bit and reamer rebuild service.

  4. Custom HDD tooling design and manufacturing. (Call for details)

Since we began offering our HDD tooling factory direct to drillers nationwide in 2013, DrillHead has experienced very rapid growth and gained an ever-increasing place in the market. Please take the time to look around our website and see all the HDD Tooling technologies we manufacture. We specialize in building rock tools that outlast all competitors.

Please contact us if you have any questions, we’re here to help.

Our commitment to building quality HDD Tools, and offering great customer service has led to us being the fastest growing manufacturer in the HDD industry. We appreciate our loyal customers.

The largest selection of rock HDD tooling.

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HDD Tooling from DRILLHEAD, INC.

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Tri Cone HDD Drill Bits

Directional Diamond™ HDD PDC Bits

HDD Tooling Available for All Drills. Any Size. Any Connection.

Click Here To See The Full Lineup Of HDD ToolingChoose_The_Right_Bit.html
Rok-Klaw™ BitBolt_on_HDD_Bits_and_Blades.html
Available For Virtually All Dirt Housings
The Toughest Bolt On Head Available
Starting at $375Bolt_on_HDD_Bits_and_Blades.html
HDD Tri-Cone BitsTri-Cone_Drill_Bits.html
The Largest Selection Of HDD Bits
All Major Brands Available
New and Re-run Bits In-Stock
TCI and Mill Tooth AvailableTri-Cone_Drill_Bits.html
Qui-Kone® Single Cone BitsQui-Kone_Single_Roller_Cone_HDD_Bits.html
The Longest Lasting, Best Steering
Single Cone Bits Money Can Buy
Sealed Bearings
TCI and Mill Tooth
Available to Fit Any Universal HousingQui-Kone_Single_Roller_Cone_HDD_Bits.html
ShovelHead™ 2 Cone BitShovelhead_Directional_HDD_Drill_Bit.html
Available to Fit Any Universal Housing
Sealed Bearings
TCI and Mill Tooth
Extreme Steering CapabilitiesShovelhead_Directional_HDD_Drill_Bit.html
Rok-Klaw™ HDD Rock BitRok-Klaw_HDD_Rock_Bits.html
Available to Fit Any Universal Housing
More Carbide Wear Protection
Uses Standard Trencher Teeth
4” and Larger Sizes AvailableRok-Klaw_HDD_Rock_Bits.html
Pullback Adapter Available (click here)Pull_Back_Adapter_HDD.html
Directional Diamond™ HDD PDC BitsDirectional_Diamond_HDD_PDC_Bits_HDD.html
American Made, Unmatched Quality
More Cutters Per Blade
3 3/4” - 17 1/2” Sizes
3, 4, 5 and 6 Blade Options
Qui-Klaw® Claw BitsQui-Klaw_Claw_Bits.html
Excellent Performance in Clay
Cross-Top™ Design Won’t Ball Up
Field-Replaceable Cutters
Available For Any Drill or Mud MotorQui-Klaw_Claw_Bits.html
Kobble-Kommander™ Cobble BitRok-Klaw_HDD_Rock_Bits.html
Available to Fit Any Universal Housing
Massive Carbide Wear Pads
4 Large, Carbide Teeth
Pullback Adapter Available (click here)Pull_Back_Adapter_HDD.html
Qui-Kone® Single Cone Bolt-OnBolt_on_HDD_Bits_and_Blades.html
Excellent Option When You Encounter 
Rock on a Dirt Bore
Sealed Bearings
TCI and Mill Tooth
Available For Virtually All Dirt HousingsBolt_on_HDD_Bits_and_Blades.html

ShovelHead™ HDD Rock Bit

HDD Hole Openers and Back Reamers

Premium Bit ThirdsBIT_THIRDS.html
New and Rerun Thirds / Sections
Sealed Bearings
All Sizes
All Types (Soft - Hard Formation)
American MadeBIT_THIRDS.html